Top 10 R language books

Top 10 R language books


 R programming language commonly used for statistical computing, data analyst and scientific Research and it is an open source programming language.

Top 10 R language books:

1. An Introduction to Statistical Learning – With Applications in R:

 This is book is written by Trevor Hastie and Rob and it is recognized by Stanford University. It mainly provides the knowledge on Statistical and Machine learning techniques. The main topics include in this book are Linear Regression, Resampling methods, Shrinking approaches, Tree-based methods, support vector machines and clustering.

2. The Elements Of Data Analytical Thinking:

 Jeff Leek is the author of this book and it provides the knowledge on methods of analyzing data. This book is planned for the people who perform regular data analyses. Its main goal is to summarize the data   briefly and clearly for most common difficulties encountered by the data analyst.

3. R Programming For Data Science:

R Programming for Data Science is written by Roger D.Peng .It is mainly targeted for the beginners of R programming Language. It provides the knowledge on the basics and fundamentals of the R language for the non-programmer.

4. Exploratory Data Analysis with R:

This book is written by Roger D.Peng.It provides the knowledge on Data visualization. This book covers the exploratory techniques on modeling commence which is used to design the appropriate images or graphs for the data which is present in the data base.

5. Learning R Studio For R Statistical Computing:

This book is written by Mark P.J.van der Loo.It will teach you how quickly and effectively create and manage statistical analysis project, import data and so on. It also gives guidelines to understand Rstudio studios features which is used for statistical analysis. Special feature in this book is that it will give step by step instruction for every topic and it will be easily understand for the people who want learn statistical computing in R language.

6. R in Action:

This book is written by Robert Kabacoff. It will give the brief introduction about R programming language. This book explains the concept in the imaginary way like explain the topic with the related images. This book provides you the guided information about the R with the 2000-foot view of the platform and it is capabilities.

7. R Graphics Cook-Book:

 Winston Chang is the author for this book . It will provide some information how to generate high quality graphics in R programming language by using ggplot2.By using the information in the book we can generate the graphics very quickly. This book covers the broader range of techniques of graphics involved in the R programming language. For more

8. R Cook-Book:

This book is written by Paul Teetor.It will provide about 200 practical receipts       that helps you to do data analysis using R.To understand the concept present in the book you need at least some knowledge on the R language .In this book we will have the receipt i.e. the solution for the problem like that we have about 200 receipts present in this book. For more

9. R Packages:

R Packages is written by Hadley Wickham. This book describes the R packages present in the R programming language. This book is mainly targeted for the R programmers who are looking for their own R packages. The goal of the book is to teach you how to develop packages so that you can develop your own packages.for more

10. Advanced R:

 Hadley Wickham is the author for this book. This book is to describe how the R language works.It gives the step by step explanation for every concept with little code snippets that the user can easily understand the concept. The book is useful for only the people who want the advanced skills in the R programming Language.


  I hope you that you had got the clear idea that which book is useful to you for learning R programming language.

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