Scope Of Data Analytics For Freshers

scope of data analytics for freshers

Data Analytics is a process of collecting, transforming and modelling data. Data Analytics lets people look corporate data as never before. These days scope of data analytics is high as it helps in improving business, decision-makings and also provides biggest edge over competitors. Data Analytics is a subset of business intelligence, which helps in understanding and analyzing business performance.

Scope of data analytics for freshers:

  1. Huge job opportunities: Every company is now realizing that they can’t gather, interpret and use data so they are starting their searching for data analysts. As a result there are increasing job opportunities. If you go to various job opportunity portals like Indeed, Dice you can find many job postings for data analysts.

2.Various choices of job titles and type of analytics: There are many job titles from which you can choose one.Here are some job roles:

  • Big Data Analyst
  • Analytics Associate
  • Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  • Different types of Data Analytics from which you can choose one:
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  1. High Salaries: As the demand for data analytics is growing, salaries are also growing high. Data Analytics professionals are getting paid 50% more than other counterparts of IT Industry.

        4.Data Analytics is a top priority for many organisations: Data Analytics is having high priority because organizations are realizing the opportunities available for their business.77% of top organizations are considering data analytics as their major component as it results in high business growth for their business.

  1. Data Analytics is everywhere: Almost every organization started using data analytics as it is having great features which help in improving their business. And those who didn’t start yet are also planning to start. Any company producing data in huge numbers needs Data analyst.
  2. Free lancing opportunities: People are trying to increase their ways of income and methods through which they can find the perfect work-life balance. Data Analytics gives you the perfect way to become perfect free-lancer.

A recent survey from Times of India says “India is seeing a 32.2% demand with people having such qualifications over and above degrees in IT or business administration or even doctorates. This is six to eight times more than the demand for IT jobs that is 26.4% nationally.

According to the analytics school, data analytics are being paid a whopping Rs12.19 Lakhs per annum in Mumbai, followed by Bengaluru—Rs10.48 lakhs and Delhi—NCR—Rs10.4 lakhs. But the start-up city has the highest number of jobs for analysts and data scientists—30,000.”

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