The Difference between Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior Data Scientist Jobs

Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior Data Scientist Jobs

Data Science is the combination of math, science, statistics, technology, program skills, and business strategy. To be a Data scientist, it is of course a challenging job which takes you to another level every day.

So the Data science jobs are streamed in three different roles like Junior Data science, Mid-level Data science and Senior Data science jobs.

We are here to discuss about the differences of all the three important categories:

What is Junior Data scientist?

Junior Data science job is where the developer needs proximate help. He has no knowledge of the Business domain, fundamentals, language and tool set. Their job is much challenging as it is the initial phase, they have to keep developing the process and delivering the appropriate projects, they have to take more initiative hence they should take the help of Mid-level developer. The average package offered is 4,20,000 per year.

What is Mid-level Data scientist?

Mid-level data scientist is the developer where he is independent at work, completes all the tasks by its own. They take up the challenge of making decisions by their own as they are not dependent. They are productive and seek for help with senior data scientist if needed. The package approximately offered is 5,40,000 per year.

What is Senior Data scientist?

Senior data scientist is out there with huge experience, with more knowledge. They maintain the keenness in understanding and dealing with business situations. Their proactive nature boosts to work on managerial skills, leadership qualities. As the senior Data scientist handles all the tasks alone and is senior of them all, the package offered is around 6,00,000 per year.

The roles are closely related and are helpful to one and other. On an average the Data scientists earns 6,50,000 per year. Data science jobs are the known as the most lucrative job you could ever find, considering the facts of its pay scale and learning new things day to day boost your confidence and learn to tackle complications.

Work potentiality:

The difference between the junior, Mid-level and the senior Data scientists is all about having good experience, skills and understanding of how to get the work done. They very well know how to deal with the work. All of them play different and unique role, they maintain their level of work. No matter how hard the work is they know the right way to get through.

Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior Data Scientist Jobs

Junior developer may not know how to handle the tools but takes the help of the mid-level developer. Mid-level developer does the job with intellectual acuity and keeps learning. Senior developer has all the idea how to complete the task.

“That maturity, specific skills, tool sets (industry and company specific), years of experience, education level, and everything else all matter equally. Because each one will have to come into play with all the various moving parts of the 6 month project. ”

So by concluding every point and aspects of data scientist, you can figure out that data scientists are multitaskers, dealing with challenging tasks. Many of you out there will want to be a data scientist. You can be the one out of any job roles, it all depends on how good performer you are.

Go ahead, reach your goals!

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