Is Data socialization is next big thing for Data analyst?

data socialization

As the trend of available data continues to grow at larger extent, organizations will continue to seek new and efficient ways to share, analyze and use data to the best. By adding social functionality to a data strategy let organizations to think about how to share data and how to operate when it comes, making that data available. Applying social principles in a business setting new challenges and can deliver tremendously productive results. So many organizations are going for Data socialization.

Data socialization is a new trending word and it is the next critical and disruptive step in Data analytics. Data socialization is the force behind wider technology driven transformation which are taking place in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Data socialization is the process of sending right data to the right person (who is a decision maker) at the right time.

Social media is spending a lot on individuals to share data among each other like images, text, video etc. Billions of data points have been captured by Data analysts from social media databases worldwide then scanned and why the people communicate to share data. In the similar way, technology and knowledge can be put in the organizations to share and communicate the data within the organization. This is to encourage organizations to use data by providing a social media ambience for data preparation and experimentation by using familiar social buttons such as liking, sharing, quality ideas and insights. Insights can rise to top wherever they originate in an organization and people can use them to make critical decisions from lower staff to CEOs. It is time to integrate the social data, enterprise analytics and enterprise data for better social-media strategy.

data socialization

Organizations needs Data socialization that would bring social data into enterprise-analytics platforms. This would drive social-media strategy in coordination with other enterprise channels, incorporating social-media insights into everyday operations for business decision making. 

The place where we work, learn, play and buy has become a data world. Data socialization is about interconnections, communications and data they produce will create a complete picture that will develop businesses and personal decision making.

Making business data accessible to staff by embedding data and analytics throughout an organization, will  ensure that its effects can be measured on every process by Data analyst & it is more productive approach.

The strategy of Data socialization is updates can be shared instantly, edits can be brought to the attention of the right people, interaction and other social metrics can give an accurate picture of the value being gained from any data resource or initiative.

From Data socialization, supervision of data can also be done. Tagging data with information who has the right to access can be supervised.  In Data socialization, permissions can be set to determine data access, just as privacy functions work on regular social networks.

In simple way, the Data analyst has to analyse the users in social media networks and have to implement in the Organizations.  Therefore, Data socialization is a next big thing for Data analyst.

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