Scope of a Data Scientist

Data Scientist


Data Scientist has become a buzzword in the recent times. A lot of companies are recruiting Data Scientists into their companies. By reading this you might get a doubt “Why the companies are keen in recruiting Data Scientist??”  “What is his role in company??” “what does a Data Scientist do exactly??”.

Before knowing who is a data scientist and what he does, let us first know about Data Science

Data Science:

Data Science is a method of how you unify different concepts of subjects such as MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS, INFORMATION SCIENCE, COMPUTER SCIENCE etc. to analyse the phenomena of data to give insights. The other name for Data Science is “Data Driven Science”.

Who is a Data Scientist?

A person who is employed to do Scientific research and analysis on huge amount of data by collecting it from various resources give insights to the companies and helps them to grow their business vigorously.

In an effortless way, you can say that Data Scientist is a person who works on Data Science. Basically, Data Scientists are big data wranglers. To become a Data Scientist one should possess certain set of skills.

Some of the major skills are

  • Programming
  • Mathematical
  • Statistical
  • Researching
  • Analytical
  • Strong business strategies

Why Data Scientist?

As I previously mentioned, the term Data Scientist has become a buzz word. The foremost reason for this is massive changes in the technology of internet. Now a day, everything is going online and people’s usage of internet has widely increased. According to the recent report released by IAMAI-IMRB, there will be around 450-465 million users only in India who use internet by June 2017. Throughout the world also volume of people using internet is drastically increasing day by day. More the number of users more will be the data generation. So, someone should be there to analyse this data and give insights. This has paved the path for companies to recruit Data Scientists.

 Job opportunities:

In India, right now very few people are working as Data Scientists. In the coming years, the demand will be radically increased because of wide usage of internet. By keeping this in mind, lot of MNC companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, LinkedIn, Accenture, Citrix, Myntra, IBM, Deloitte and many more are looking for Data Scientists who can enhance their business. Based on 2016 survey in India, there will be a requirement of 2 lakh people wanted to work as Data Scientists (data taken from old reports, value subjected to change) over the next few years. This tells you the boom of this job in the present scenario.

Salary packages:

In India, on an average a fresher can earn upto 3 lakhs per annum and this will be varied on the skill sets you possess. There will be enormous changes in the salary packages when you are getting experience and hike margins are also extremely high when shifting from one company to another company.

By considering survey reports and numbers, scope for Data Scientists is considerably high over the coming years.

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