Is Data Scientist Job All About Crunching Numbers or Anything more ??

Data Scientist Job


Data Scientist Job Analysis

All businesses are Carving for people who can take a massive set of data and turn it into something productivity.  Companies are depending on data scientists to derive valuable and potentially profitable insights. Data scientists are companies’ heart to drive high revenue.

Data scientists job are truly valuable in extrapolating, analyzing and finding patterns in existing data using statistics and machine learning Languages. The prime focus of Data scientist is the creativity and insight, which are necessary to reshape the business. When analyzing the number it’s always important to ask the right questions and to rethink that’s unique to each business model. “Data scientists understand the process of analyzing and finding commonalities in data, but they don’t have the necessary business context to determine which commonalities or anomalies can actually help the business,” says David Giannetto, author of Big Social Mobile.

Any ordinary data mining/Analyst expert can pull data, but a Data scientists job involve to spot trends, which helps boost the business model and predict future.

Data scientists should be skilled in as statistical analysis, exploratory analysis, predictive analysis and needed to identify and apply the needed machine language to analyze real time data.  Most Of the Data scientist are software developer’s.

Data scientist job should make predictions about the future based on past history, gather numbers with data clustering, or make recommendations by identify competitive and strategic advantages needed to business. He doesn’t go too deeply into the technical details, but he makes sure that the business is aware of what he can offer and what is best suitable. He also conducts experiment with product managers to elicit difficult problems that could be solved using data science.

Data scientists job could have both business and technical skills, but a data scientist with a stronger knowledge on the business side can work closely with a more technicality, so that they complement each other.

To conclude Data science is just not a numbering Game but a “ Jack of all Trades”.

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