Best programming languages for data science

Now a days data science is becoming important for every company , but many of people are getting confused what are the programming languages should I learn to get start in the field of data science or why that programming language for data science? So here I will give you a brief explanation about choosing of programming languages for data science.

Programming language is a key skill in data scientists for custom analysis and data visualization. According to the expert data scientists, there are 5 programming languages list which are python, SQL, R Language, Java, JavaScript and it is good to learn all above programming languages in order to get good grasping on all data science concepts.

programming languages for data science


The most widely using programming language is python for data science which is very powerful programming language and easy to learn also. Here in python programming language programmer can easily express concepts with simple short codes. Here libraries of python makes advantages to choose python programming language for data science. Instead of investing a lot of time and effort for writing complicated code, the packages of python allows you to focus on essential tasks at hand and study data closely and rapidly.


SQL stands for structured query language which helps to interact with database. It is storing and retrieving the data from decades and that’s why it is playing a  keyrole still today. SQL is not only designed for handling big data but also for crunching data in data crunching stage.

R Language:

The primary language is R language for data science and it has become the favorite language for data scientists around the world. R language is developed for statistical computing and graphics. R programming language became the most popular language used by data scientists in 21st century. The powerful packages of made data manipulation, visualization and computation much easier and fast. That’s why R programming language became more powerful.


Java is a widely used programming language for developers around the world. Java is a independent language which can execute across any platform because of java virtual machine, so it is becoming biggest advantage for java. Java programming language is easy to learn compared to all languages which we discussed in above. Using java we can built open science data science products.


SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. It is one of best programming language used for data science. SAS is a system software which compute simple and complex statistical analysis, stores data values and modifies data. So SAS programming language makes data scientists easier and faster.

From the above discussion I hope you all will understand how to choose a better programming language for data science.

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