8 Easy Steps to Become a Data Scientist

become a data scientist

“Become data scientist in 8 easy steps.” This hits the house to many people who are
trying to enter this new industry in hopes of satisfying many vacancies. The question is the best way to make this transition.

The following infographic will help answer this question by highlighting the process of becoming a data scientist:

  1. Get good statistics, mathematics and automated learning
  2. Learning to Code
  3. Understanding databases
  4. Data control, visualization and reporting
  5. Top Level with Big Data
  6. Experience, practice and meeting with other researchers
  7. Internship, bootcamp or find a job
  8. Follow and engage with the community

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These are all excellent tips, to examine the infographics carefully for more details. You too can be part of the “sexiest job of the 21st century!”

become data scientist



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