10 Surprising Machine Learning Applications

machine learning applications

IT companies are using machine learning to filter and identify rectifications and unwanted emails.

Today’s topic is about the surprising ways that companies are using predominantly to make the products better, smart and fast. The necessary update for the betterment of the company’s growth.

  1. Google is the number one application for doing research, the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.
  2. There is an application Pinterest, this application shows all the hacks, tricks for life. It is popular for images, the application is mostly used by the females as per the study because it has attractive images. It serves relevant pins to each and every user.
  3. Prisma is another application popular for its masterpieces making out of normal pictures.
  4. Soundhound is known for its digital services the power of human speech.
  5. Zebra medical vision is for deep learning to prevent disease and predict. It analysis vast amount of data and detect patterns automatically.
  6. Trademark vision company is a great hand to help startup companies to make their marks without any confusion.
  7. Descartes labs predicts crop yields for preventing shortage of food.
  8. Baidu application takes the help of Artificial intelligence for accelerating mobile search.
  9. Iris Artificial intelligence(AI) is speeding up scientific research by surfacing relevant data.
  10. Amazon is looking for a device to access the need of an employee to give their job role.

Many of the companies are using Machine learning applications to make smart moves and be quick in salvation. It has become important for the companies to adapt the Machine learning new apps.

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